Modern HRT contains 17beta-estradiol which is “body” identical to the oestrogen hormone estradiol that exists naturally in women. 17beta-estradiol is extracted from soybeans and yams and formulated into an HRT preparation. The term “bio” identical generally refers to unlicensed custom-compounded products that are often in cream, lozenge and vaginal form, prepared by “specialist pharmacies.”

These products are not regulated by the MHRA UK (the national regulatory authority). As a result these products have not been through the rigorous drug development processes - unlike conventional UK medicine. Therefore, bio identical HRT has not been scientifically tested in clinical trials for effectiveness and safety.

These products are not subjected to the same tests of safety efficacy or dosing consistency that body identical HRT is ;and therefore could be harmful. Also there is no evidence that these compounded hormones are more effective or have fewer side effects than body identical HRT.

See the BMS statement about these products here: bioidentical HRT products. At Menopause Expert Ltd only regulated licensed body identical products are prescribed, supported by evidence based prescribing guidance.