Menopause can be overwhelming. Sleeplessness, hot flushes, irritability, low mood, brain fog, headaches, joint pain, poor memory and concentration, exhaustion and loss of confidence are all very common symptoms.

I hold the British Menopause Society Faculty of Reproductive Healthcare Special Skills certificate in Menopause care (Advanced) and have provided independent menopause clinics since 2012.

At Menopause Expert all women can be accommodated – including progestogen intolerance, post cancer and early menopause/POI.

kathie laptopMenopause can be devastating for some women. It often occurs at a time in life when they are juggling lots of competing roles – elderly parents with failing health, teen/adult children worries, possibly caring for grandchildren as well as doing their own job.

I’ve met many women who simply stop coping. Through fatigue from sleeplessness and anxiety about severe flushes they lose a sense of self and become withdrawn…isolated….depressed. Libido disappears.

Relationships suffer, and breakdown. Many women walk away from their career.

Some women are plunged into menopause overnight – possibly after cancer treatments. As well as the significant menopause symptoms and treatment side effects, they have the emotional rollercoaster of their cancer diagnosis to contend with.

And younger women, who may not have started, or completed, their family, can enter early menopause. Their situation is complicated by the emotional burden of adjusting to a different future. Long-term heart and bone health can be another worry. Menopause Expert Liverpool supports all women to make fully informed choices about their menopause.

Face to Face Private Consultations

We offer completely accessible face to face consultations in a pleasant, relaxed, environment at a central Liverpool location.

All women can be accommodated – including progestogen intolerance, post cancer and those diagnosed with early menopause/premature insufficiency.

Women will be listened to and will have plenty of time.

FAQ's about a consultation

Treatment Options

Following an in-depth health and lifestyle assessment; all treatment options will be discussed. Together, a holistic individualised plan to manage menopause will be agreed; this may include HRT as well as lifestyle improvements, non-hormonal treatments and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Advice and Support to Suit You

Telephone/email advice – if appropriate - and workplace sessions are also available.


Prescriptions will generally be issued at first appointment.

You can directly access The Independent Pharmacy/Menopause Expert portal here


Fabulous, really knowledgeable. Very friendly and professional. Thorough assessment and went through all options. Would not hesitate to recommend and indeed have already done so. Thank you.

SR October 2020

Kathie is fantastic. My consultation was exactly what I needed to process what I had been told given my recent diagnosis of POI. Kathie has gone above and beyond to ensure that I have received the care that I need and she has endeavoured to ensure that I have no questions left unanswered. Thank you so much.

AT October 2020

Excellent service, Kathie eased my worries regarding my symptoms, I will be recommending the clinic to my friends.

VB September 2020

My consultation with Kathie was very thorough and professional. Kathie is extremely personable, helpful and is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of female hormones. She has got me feeling back to normal, I'm delighted to say! Have recommended her private services to my friends.

NM  Sept 2020

The whole process was so quick and easy after struggling on for so long thinking there was no help out there for me. Having found your service and making an initial contact, booking my face to face consultation was a simple and very smooth process. I found our consultation to be comfortable and informative and finally felt like someone was really listening to me and that I was not in fact going mad. The session, options available and treatment have literally changed my life. Thank you Kathie

EG August 2020

Thankyou so much for sending me all the information. I've had a good read around everything. My talk with you really put my mind at ease and confirmed for me that I'm on the right track. I'm telling all my friends about you!

WJ August 2020

From the moment I emailed Kathie she was so helpful, when I arrived at the consultation Kathie was really friendly and put me at ease, it was relaxed and we had time to discuss the problems and concerns. I only wish I had booked a consultation sooner. Thank you so much to Kathie for all her advice and support but most importantly for listening to me.

KF July 2020

Despite my consultation being via video link due to Covid restrictions, I found Kathie to be very warm and easy to speak to. I had complete confidence in her advice and in the outcome of my consultation. The prescription process was quick and efficient and the report for my GP sent through to me speedily. Kathie asked me to keep her updated on my progress and she has replied to these update quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend Kathie to any woman seeking professional, expert menopause... Read More

EB July 2020

Excellent consultation, lots of questions answered and listened to, good advice, I would recommend Kathie to anyone. Independent Pharmacy are a bit hit and miss, still trying to access my prescription.
(apologies E, from Independent Pharmacy - prescription was delayed but sent within a day or two).

ES July 2020

I would highly recommend Katie to anyone experiencing any difficulties/problems with the menopause. From the first phone-call to my consultation, all was very informative. I was told much more by Kathie than any other healthcare professional. I've now started medication and I'm feeling positive. Thankyou

JM May 2020

Excellent personalised service. I felt Kathie was very knowledgeable and made some very helpful practical suggestions as well as explaining all the options to me. I am now taking a programme of HRT that seems to be working for me (early days 2 weeks in) both practically and for symptoms. Very good prescription delivery service too.

ML May 2020

I have been contemplating HRT for a few months and just wanted to speak to a specialist and have the opportunity to find out more information.Kathie is very approachable and explains everything well. It's worth having a consultation.

JL June 2020

Kathie was so easy to talk to and I immediately felt supported. My own GP was very unhelpful and it was a huge relief to talk to an expert on the matter. I've started treatment and feel much much better. No sweats anymore improved sleep and feeling much more confident. Concentration much better and feeling a lot happier. Wish all women could get this great service and support. Highly recommended.

GS May 2020

Thanks again for all your help. I wish I’d come to see you sooner. You were right. All my symptoms were down to lack of oestrogen. It worries me how many women are being given all sorts of other medication when HRT is what they need and how many are suffering in silence when there is really no need.
Thanks so much .

WO May 2020

Thanks Kathie, this is great, I feel really hopeful things will improve and I understand the whole document really clearly, so thank you.

KL Feb 2020

Dear Kathie, the letter is great. The consultation was extremely helpful. Ill let you know how I get on!

WO Feb 2020

Thank you Kathie, cleared up numerous concerns I had. I'm moving forward confidently.

JW March 2020

I recently went to see Kathie because I was having a terrible time with menopause. I felt the doctor didn't know much about the menopause and the medication he had prescribed me wasn't helping. Kathie is really knowledgeable about the menopause. I found the consultation very helpful and she recommended a change in my HRT. I would highly recommend Kathie as she was helpful and understands how women feel.

DH March 2020

I found our consultation really useful on Saturday. Just being listened to and not being rushed out the door after 10 minutes made a huge difference. Your obviously very knowledgeable about women’s health and that really came over in our conversation.

AR - Jan 2020

Good morning Kathie, it was lovely to meet you yesterday. I found the consultation extremely useful and reassuring, so thank you for that.

MH - Dec 2019

Many thanks for your time yesterday it was most helpful and for doctors letter attached.

KW - Dec 2019

Thank you for your time and patience it was very much needed and appreciated.

MD - Dec 2019

I Liked the relaxed approach to making an apt, the appointment itself was very thorough, giving me time to discuss all of my potential symptoms and arrive at a diagnosis. 2 Drawbacks, 1. My doctors have written to ask me to organise an appointment with them as well which will take more time out of my busy schedule – probably more an issue with them than you. 2, while the appointment felt very personalised the referral letter I received was not, it was cut and paste, with someone else’s ... Read More

RP - Dec 2019

Hi Kathie yes I found it very useful, thank you so much.

AML - Nov 2019

Absolutely amazing, Very well informed and made to feel at ease and listened to would highly recommend.

AF - Nov 2019

The consultation proved to be a very positive experience. Kathie was very knowledgeable and I felt comfortable talking to her and she listened to what I had to say. She provided me with what I hope to be a solution to my problems. Body identical HRT. I would highly recommend a visit to her if you are having a tough time due to the perimenopause/menopause.

JC - Oct 2019

I can only compliment Kathie Cooke. I wish I’d seen her years ago. She’s definitely an expert and is making sure I get all the help I need safely and quickly. I really didn’t realise what is out there and how much help you can get. Thank you Kathie!

RA - Oct 2019

Very impressed. Lots of information and I feel positive - thank you.


I'm so pleased I finally got too see Kathie. I feel much better already, and I haven't started my HRT yet.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've got my life back


I feel so much better, I only wish I'd come to see you sooner - thank you so much you were very kind to me.


I've had breast cancer and my GP couldn't advise me about treatments. Meeting Kathie was brilliant. I feel more confident and can properly think about my options.

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  • Fully qualified, insured and CQC registered
  • All symptoms and concerns can be discussed
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I am a Gynaecology Consultant Nurse, with 30 years’ extensive experience in all aspects of women's health care. I enjoy talking to, advising and empowering women to make informed personal decisions about all aspects of their female health. I find my role incredibly rewarding and consider it a privilege.
Kathie Cooke, MSc, Ba Hons, RGN