Initial consultation
plus phone review 6 weeks later**


Follow up appointment (only available for existing clients)

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If you have limited availability, or your circumstances require an urgent appointment please contact us and you will be accommodated as soon as possible.

Follow up appointments

NICE menopause guidance recommends a review at approximately 3 months after starting HRT/menopause treatments and an annual check up. Following an Initial consultation invitations for these reviews will be sent, however if you would like a follow up appointment with Kathie for any reason, follow up reviews for existing clients are always available.

*Following feedback from some clients who have struggled to afford their consultation fee, we can offer a split payment arrangement if this would help - no extra cost - please contact us to arrange.

**Due to extensive NHS waiting times some clients have found it difficult to access a GP appointment for ongoing menopause support. So, a telephone review approximately 6 weeks after initial consultation to check progress and offer additional advice if required will be available - at no additional cost.